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  The Picture on the left shows the internal components of a typical Aqua Power silencer. In the right/center is a center tube with three helical vanes wrapped around it. On the left side is a circular plate with a center passage (a big washer). These components are welded inside a tube to form the base muffler comprising our technology. Flow enters on the right side with some passing straight through the center tube and the rest passing through the outer passages between the helical vanes. Flow in the center tube passes straight through the center passage in the circular plate but flow in the outer passages must turn to avoid the plate and then find its way to the center passage in order to exit the silencer.

  It isn't obvious but this arrangement actually reduces the flow restriction inside the silencer. That's part of the low loss secret. Of course we aren't going to fully explain how it works but this is a clue.

  Even less obvious is how this arrangement reduces noise. When the low losses are considered, this design does a better job of reducing noise than any other design we know about.

  Testing done in 2013 indicates (doesn't prove) that this design eliminates reversion problems.
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