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Transom Mount Silencer 9060-PR was first offered in 2002. The primary feature is its ability to quiet harsh noises produced by high horsepower marine engines. The most exciting feature is no rpm is lost at the top end in most installations.

Mercury Racing has qualified the 9060-PR for their 700 SCI and it has been used up to 750 horsepower.

Installation: remove your tip, drill out three stud holes using the supplied template, apply sealant then slide it in and tighten nuts.

Model 9060-PR has a 6" outside diameter (case) and extends 9.5" behind the transom. This model features an internal flap and accepts an external rubber flap for added surge protection.
9065-STB (Stub)

APL also offers transom mount mufflers based on our In-tube silencer designed for engines up to 450 horsepower. These units are offered with stub, straight or angled tips. The stub tip extends only 1.5" behind the transom, the staight and angled tips extend 6". The outside diameter is 4". An internal flap is featured on the straight tip model. Both stub and straight tip models accept an external rubber flap for surge protection.
Installation: remove the existing tip and replace it with the new unit using sealant and three screws.

Transom Mount Silencers

   Power    Pipe Internal  Case  Extension Extension   Noise  Item #
   Range     OD    Flap  Diameter  Aft of    Fwd of  Reduction
                                  Transom   Transom     dba
 500-700hp  4.0"   yes     6.0"     9.5"      4.0"       8   9060-PR
 500-700hp  4.0"    no     6.0"     9.5"      4.0"       8   9060-NF
 375-525hp  4.0"   yes     5.0"     7.4"      4.0"       9.7 9062-PR
In-Tube Based
 200-450hp  4.0"    no     4.0"     1.5"      4.0"       8.8 9065-STB
 200-450hp  4.0"   yes     4.0"     5.5"      4.0"       8.8 9065-STR
 200-450hp  4.0"    no     4.0"     6.0"      4.0"       8.8 9065-ANG

Note: 9062-PR was specifically designed for HP500 engines but has 
 since been redesigned for general purpose use.
   To select a transom mount silencer for your boat begin by determining your engine power and restrict your selection to the power ranges that include your engine. Next determine the outer diameter of your tail pipes. Do you want or need internal flaps, you may need them if the silencers will be within 6 inches of the waterline. If your boat has a swimboard or other obstructions near silencer installation you may need to determine whether the case diameter (outside diameter of the silencer) will interfere. Also see if the extension lengths of the silencer are acceptable. You may also have trouble with the 6" flange diameter interfering with a swimboard on some models. If you know the decibel level of your engine with open exhaust you can subtract the noise reduction to determine the approximate final noise level with silencers installed. All that is left is to read the part number. Our sales department is familiar with many boat manufacturers and may be of considerable help in this process.
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