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Noise regulations are different from state to state. State regulations are listed here in a condensed form obtained from in May of 2010.  Aqua Power Ltd does not warrant that this table is either correct or complete. Check with the appropriate authorities in your state for applicable, complete and correct regulations.
        State           State Noise Law?       Noise Levels?
       Alabama                 Y           86 dBa 50' from the vessel
       Alaska                  N                   NA
       Arizona                 Y           86 dBa 50' from the vessel
       Arkansas                N                   NA
       California              Y           Vessels built on or after 1/1/93:
                                            88 dBa stationary, 75 dBa from shore
       Colorado                Y           86 dBa 50' from vessel
       Connecticut             Y           90 dBa boats built prior to 1993,
                                            88 dBa boats built 1993 to present
       Delaware                N                   NA
       District of Columbia    Y           Muffler(s) required
       Florida                 N                   NA
       Georgia           Not Specified        Not Specified
       Hawaii                  Y           Muffler(s) required
       Idaho                   Y           Vessels built before Jan 1, 1995...90 dBa
                                            Vessels built on or after Jan 1, 1995 88 dBa
                                            on lakes and rivers wider than 500' 75 dBa
       Illinois                Y           90 dBa stationary 75 dBa shore
       Indiana                 N                   NA
       Iowa                    Y           Engines built before Jan 1, 1993...90 dBa level
                                            Those manufactured after 1993...88 dBa
       Kansas                  Y           86 dBa pass-by test, 91 dBa stationary
       Kentucky                N                   NA
       Louisiana               N                   NA
       Maine                   Y           90 dBa stationary, 75 dBa from shore
       Maryland                Y           90 dBa
       Massachusetts           N                   NA
       Michigan                Y           90 dBa at idle, 75 dBa from shore
       Minnesota               Y           Boats built before Jan 1, 1982 - 84 dBa at 50'
                                            or 86 dBa stationary    Boats built after
                                            Jan 1, 1982 - 82 dBa at 50' or 84 dBa stationary
       Mississippi             N                   NA
       Missouri                Y           Boats built on 1/1/96 or later: 90 dBa stationary
                                            86 dBa at 50'
       Montana                 Y           90 dBa stationary
       Nebraska                Y           96 dBa standard
       Nevada                  Y           86 dBa at back of boat
       New Hampshire           Y           Stationary test-90 dBa prior to 1/1/91,
                                            88 dBa on or after 1/1/91
       New Jersey              Y           90 dBa stationary
       New Mexico              Y           noise level may not generate complaints from other
                                            users in state parks
       New York                Y           90 dBa stationary, 75 dBa from shore
       North Carolina          N                   NA
       North Dakota            N                   NA
       Ohio                    Y           90 dBa stationary, 75 dBa from shore
       Oklahoma                N                   NA
       Oregon                  Y           Mufflers required
                                            Stationary: 90 dBa for engines built prior to
                                            1/1/93, 88 dBa built after 1/1/93
       Pennsylvania            Y           90 dBa stationary for engines manufactured before
                                            January 1, 1993    88 dBa stationary for engines
                                            manufactured on or after January 1, 1993
       Rhode Island            N                   NA
       South Carolina          N                   NA
       South Dakota            N                   NA
       Tennessee               Y           86 dBa at 50 feet pass-by test
       Texas                   N                   NA
       Utah                    Y           Engines manufactured before Jan 1, 1993 90 dBa,
                                            manufactured after Jan 1, 1993 88 dBa stationary;
                                            Maximum sound level of 75 dBa from shore
       Vermont                 Y           82 dBa at 50'
       Virginia                N                   NA
       Washington              Y           90 dBa vessels made before 01/94,
                                            88 dBa vessels made after 01/94 stationary;
                                            75 dBa from shore
       West Virginia           Y           Exhaust must be baffled, No decibel limit
       Wisconsin               Y           86 dBa
       Wyoming                 Y               Not specified
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