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It is difficult to provide a fair noise level comparison so we decided to do it this way. There are 5 players presented below, all loaded with the same engine noise file from a wet, open exhaust, high power marine engine. The first one is at 100% volume while the others have reduced volumes resulting in noise levels as indicated. No change in the character of the sound is made. This way you can hear the effect of db reduction by itself. It's the same effect as standing farther away from the engine. Just click the play button of the one you want to hear. If you accidently change the volume settings click refresh and start over. (For older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8, download and install free Quicktime 7 at Quicktime Player ver 7.7 is included which will allow proper operation of this page.)
   Open exhaust noise. Assume you are 10' away.
   Down 3 dba, you moved to 14.1'
   Down 6 dba, you moved to 20'
   Down 9 dba, you moved to 28.2'
   Down 12 dba, you moved to 39.8'

At Aqua Power we quote specific noise reductions. Some of these are represented below in the same fashion as above for further comparision. Try 11 then 12 to see the difference.
   Down 6.8 dba, you moved to 21.9'
   Down 8 dba, you moved to 25.1'
   Down 8.8 dba, you moved to 27.5'
   Down 11 dba, you moved to 35.5'

In this section you may enter your own values for noise reduction in dba starting at 0 and going as high as you wish. A value of 0 represents open exhaust noise. Negative values and characters are set to 0.

Enter a value in the box then click 'Enter'. This sets the volume in the player below. Then click the play button. To quickly compare two different levels enter the 1st and press Enter then put in the 2nd. Now click play, stop when you like, click Enter and Play again. Try it with 0 and 9 dba.

   You are now 10 feet away.
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