Steve Haynes 73 Vette

You're right, it's not a boat. Early in the summer of 2007 Steve Haynes called asking about 5" mufflers. He wanted to be able to drive his '73' Corvette on the street. As an experiment I designed a set of inserts to fit into his 5 inch exhaust pipes and shipped them to him. He was shocked because they actually quieted his 850 hp engine. He drove around town never attracting attention from the police. He wasn't satisfied with that so he ran them on the drag strip. His times were .5 seconds slower with the mufflers on so I went back to the drawing board, made new aft plates and sent them to him (he wouldn't send the mufflers back to me). With the new plates his times at the track are only .1 seconds slower than an open system. We plan to take another shot before the 2009 season. The photo is from the cover of Vette Magazine October 2008 issue. You see Steve's car was among those invited to participate in the magazines 'YearOne Challenge' which he proceeded to win. Oh yaeh, mufflers were required equipment.